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Photo: Mark WestmanI started climbing at age fifteen when my parents dragged me up Mt. Adams in the Washington Cascades.  Wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and cotton everything, we summited in 'style'.  My passion for climbing continued to grow and is now the driving force in my life.  It has taken me to places I used to only dream of going to.  From Asia to South America, Europe to Alaska, I have been on the "see the world by climbing plan".  Naturally, along the way I've always had a camera.  And what was just a way to document my trips, has now become a form of artistic expression.

Now my goal with photography, is to take the camera to places that most people simply cannot get to.  I like climbing to hard to reach places to seek cutting-edge photos, where spontaneity and quick judgment, rather than posed and set up situations, create better images.  I like to document the elations and struggles in the alpine environment.  I like to shoot scenery that is remote and striking.  Most importantly I like to have a good time doing it and share those experiences with you. To see my images please visit: Joe Puryear Images.

Graphic design was a natural progression for me, as I saw the chance to display my images in my own creative ways.  I'm a self-taught Adobe Creative Suite specialist.  My first big culmination of design was creating my own 240-page book Alaska Climbing, published by SuperTopo.  From here I was able to apply my skills to catalog design, which is now a major focus of mine.  As well, I still work regularly on the Supertopian staff.

I am also a professional climbing athlete and alpinism is my passion.  Check out my blog about my latest adventures:

I created and designed this website, Cascade Images, as a way to keep up a little on web design and to create an outlet for my work.  The Cascade Mountains, from which the name is derived, is still my favorite playground and backyard sanctuary.  Thanks for visiting my site. To go directly to some of my photos, check out

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